Messe der Möglichkeiten - 3FO networking event

On 19th June, a sunny day, we (Sarah and Katalin) were invited to participate in a networking event organised by 3FO, the foundation that supports the community related activities at collaboratio helvetica. What we found there is a beautiful, engaged, active community of changemakers working in different areas, ranging from food awareness to IT solutions for education, as well as inspiring conversations, interesting ideas, and an atmosphere emanating positivity, energy and encouragement. 

Although the two of us are by nature rather introverts, we found ourselves energised by the palpable enthusiasm and diversity of the participants. We learned about numerous areas where people supported by 3FO actively work on making changes towards a more sustainable future in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

Some of the projects we encountered (and there were much more!):

We met Katharina from ecoviva (  - a group of amazing women creating educational material for teachers about food. They support teachers as they embark on diverting children from mindless consumption towards learning about how our food is grown, what are the best ways to do it, and how to make it sustainable. They even help creating community gardens! 

Our neighbour Andrea from Netzwaerk ( came over to say hello, hear about collaboratio helvetica, and share about the inspiring project connecting refugees and Swiss entrepreneurs, in order to help newcomers to integrate and find employment, and also help employers finding excellent workforce. 

Attracted by a delightful sculpture-like contraption, apparently designed to help children discuss and solve their conflicts, we discovered a neighborhood playground project for young children, with the goal of integrating and educating children in a diverse quarter. Forgot to pick up their card, and forgot their name, unfortunately!

We had a long discussion with Fabrizio, founder of a networked live literacy project teaching not only reading and writing (, but also empathy, creative thinking and improvisation. Another fantastic initiative that works towards changing education.

Organised in a relaxed, low-key way, the event also allowed us to meet some of the delegates, as well as directors of the various organisations, including 3FO itself, that work with the funding process. There was a genuine curiosity and interest to learn about collaboratio helvetica, and the different ways we strive to achieve our vision, a sustainable Switzerland. We were introducing collaboratio helvetica to people who had not heard of us before, and we caught up with many who already knew us and were curious to hear what we have been doing in the last year.

We even caught up with our own delegate, Roman, who explained how delegates support projects, and had an in-depth conversation about the areas where the changing ways of working together are palpable (notably, in IT, where the new emerging possibilities and culture align well with the experimental social spaces and practices embraced by collaboratio helvetica), and where he sees the trend is moving in the near future.

We feel grateful to 3FO for organising such a lively gathering, allowing us to introduce our project to many, and hear from similar minded people, sharing ideas, and experiences - we left with many new contacts, ideas and possibilities for new collaborations.


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